Sustainable CES: giving back through going green

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Jeff Chase

Jeff Chase

Vice President, Sustainability

The show doesn’t end once the exhibitors have wrapped up their booths

Putting together an event as large as CES requires a lot of creativity, manpower, and materials to make the show floor something to behold. But for Freeman and CTA, the show doesn’t end once the exhibitors have wrapped up their booths.

Our sustainability efforts ensure that we are reducing wastefulness and lessening our environmental impact. They also allow Freeman, CTA, and our partner hotels to work with exhibitors on recycling efforts that give back to the local community and charities through material donations that can make a difference in their programs.

Setting the stage for sustainability

Before the show even started, CES held citywide meetings with all the venues, waste haulers, and recyclers about the green initiative, encouraging participation in increased recycling and waste diversion. In 2015, 65 percent of all waste from the Sands Hotel and Las Vegas Convention Center was recycled. This year, the goal was to hit 70 percent.

Both the hotel and the convention center have worked hard to make this goal happen, trying out new ways of handling, gathering, and sorting materials coming out of the show during the teardown process. There is a huge amount of material that can be recycled, from the large indoor vinyl banners to the outdoor building advertisements to the plastic film that protects the floors during show setup. In fact, nearly 28,000 square feet of vinyl banner materials have found new purposes as tarps, hockey rink liners, and outdoor movie screens. We’ve also recycled half a million square feet of carpet, up 70 percent from last year. The remaining 1.1 million square feet was reused.

Educating the exhibitors

Exhibitors were encouraged to get in on the action as well, with information blasts from CTA educating them on the initiative before the show, and information in every service kit to help direct them. Freeman staff members on site at CES were trained daily to help exhibitors understand the goal of giving back to the community through donations, and there was a dedicated team that worked with exhibitors to make donations as easy as possible.

Making the community connection

Freeman and CES donated over 12,000 pounds of materials to local charities in 2015. For 2016, Goodwill, Green Our Planet, Opportunity Village, Habitat for Humanity, and Teacher Exchange were chosen to receive donated materials after CES is wrapped — everything from nice furniture to raw building materials from companies like Sony, Samsung, LG, Audi, Mercedes, and more.

These donations help the charities reach their individual goals, such as supporting people as they get back on their feet after job loss or homelessness, or bringing resources to local classrooms, and strengthen the connection between CES and the Las Vegas community through CTA’s support.

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