Top Reads February 2017: Promoting Participation and Other Brand Experience Insights

The theme of the moment seems to revolve around connection — how can we, as marketers, create better connections with our audiences?

Brand experience provides the perfect platform to truly engage people. But to take it to the next level, we need to view people as participants rather than attendees, creating a two-way dialogue and moments they won’t soon forget. 

In our top reads, explore some of the exciting ways brands are leveraging digital to create custom experiences and keep current on the latest tech and event trends — especially when it comes to satisfying those tech-hungry, savvy younger audiences always looking for something unique and memorable.

Gone are the days of simply attending an event. Today’s audiences want to participate, engage, and have their voices be heard. Learn how to enhance any program by tapping into the digital tools already at your disposal.

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In this video, learn how ReedPOP empowers sponsorship activations to enrich the experience at one of its marquee events, New York Comic Con.

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Most marketers know that digital and event technology is a must-have for events and brand experiences. But did you know that it’s mission critical for organizations looking to engage Millennials and Gen Z? Make sure your event technology is up for the challenge of engaging younger audiences with these tips. 

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Headed to Austin this month? Here’s our guide about what’s coming to SXSW — from unique interactive sessions, top-shelf keynote speakers, and no-holds-barred brand installations to movie screenings, pop-up concerts, cool tech, and networking opportunities.

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Doesn't it seem like everywhere you turn these days, someone is talking about virtual reality? Here’s an explanation of why this medium is a great fit for events and brand experiences.

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